Print Quality is poor on specific foil

Try different foil

Adjust print temperature

The Print is blotchy

Reduce the print temperature

Images are blurry but font is fine

Reimport the image at a higher resolution

Print quality is poor on specific ribbon

Try a different ribbon, the ribbon may not be TTR compliant.  For best results use Ribbon Print ribbons

Design is not centred on the ribbon

Suggested Solutions:

  • Always press the feed button after closing print head to ensure the ribbon is aligned correctly
  • Ensure ribbon is snug between ribbon guides
  • Ensure correct printer is selected from the print tab
  • Adjust “X” offset to move the design to left or right
  • Ribbon Print multi-adaptors increase the tracking of ribbon, ensuring an easier replicated print

The printed Image / Text is not complete

Increase the print temperature

Printer is printing but design is garbled

  • Ensure correct printer is selected
  • Reset the printer, press and hold the feed button until both lights go out

The design prints on the left hand side, but not in the middle

Suggested Solutions:

  • Ensure you have selected CP-3140 printer
  • Always print your design using the “print” button, not through the “print preview”

There are fine vertical lines in the print

Clean the print head

Align foils to ensure no creases

Fine vertical lines persist after cleaning head and aligning foils

Contact ribbonprint, your print head may be damaged

Medal Print not printing inside label

Ensure correct template selected

Some Elements of the design not printing

Ensure all elements of the design are completely inside the design window and to the left of the red line.

Ink is bleeding into ribbon

Occasionally blue foils will bleed into double faced satin ribbon if left for several weeks.

Use Ribbon Print Elan ribbon as it is designed to avoid bleeding

The print is incomplete, patchy or creased

Clean your print head thoroughly and ensure you are printing at an optimal print head temperature.

Borders are not printing / partially printing on ribbon

Measure the width of your ribbon, adjust the ribbon width accordingly

Medal Print image is faded even at temperature 20

Slow the printer down to 1 inch per second and reduce the temperature to 18.