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  • White White
  • Bridal Bridal
  • Cream Cream
  • Daffodil Daffodil
  • Orange Orange
  • Baby Pink Baby Pink
  • Rose Rose
  • Fuchsia Fuchsia
  • Burgundy Burgundy
  • Red Red
  • Cardinal Cardinal
  • Magenta Magenta
  • Lilac Lilac
  • Petunia Petunia
  • Purple Purple
  • Apple Apple
  • Kiwi Kiwi
  • Forest Green Forest Green
  • Emerald Emerald
  • Hunter Green Hunter Green
  • Teal Teal
  • Mallard Mallard
  • Turquoise Turquoise
  • Baby Blue Baby Blue
  • Cornflower Cornflower
  • Steel Blue Steel Blue
  • Royal Blue Royal Blue
  • Navy Blue Navy Blue
  • Silver Silver
  • Pewter Pewter
  • Nude Nude
  • Bronze Bronze
  • Antique Gold Antique Gold
  • Russet Russet
  • Chocolate Chocolate
  • Black Black
  • Fluro Pink Fluro Pink
  • Fluro Green Fluro Green
  • Light Fluro Green Light Fluro Green

Elan Single Faced Satin is a woven edged ribbon, unique to Ribbon Print, delivering a superior print quality on a luxury ribbon

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Elan from Ribbon Print is a new ribbon with the luxury feel of a woven edged single faced satin with the premium print quality of polyester.

Elan’s unique makeup achieves a quality of print far higher than traditional single faced satin.

Rosettes maker’s can take advantage of Elan’s excellent pleating qualities.

When combined with Medal Print a unique rosette can be created.Now both centre and tails can be quickly personalised at low cost.