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  • Black Black
  • Metallic Rose Gold
  • Metallic Aztec Metallic Aztec
  • Metallic Silver Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Red Metallic Red
  • Metallic Blue Metallic Blue
  • XTF Pink XTF Pink
  • XTF White XTF White
  • XTF Orange XTF Orange
  • XTF Silver XTF Silver
  • XTF Lime Green XTF Lime Green
  • XTF Yellow XTF Yellow
  • XTF Violet XTF Violet
  • XTF Cyan XTF Cyan
  • Blue Blue
  • Red Red
  • Pink Pink
  • Burgundy Burgundy
  • Midnight Blue Midnight Blue
  • Aubergine Aubergine
  • Olive Green Olive Green
  • Light Gold Light Gold
  • Matt Silver Matt Silver
  • Green Green
  • Reflex Blue Reflex Blue
  • White White
  • Caramel Caramel
  • Dark Green
  • 1/2" Core (110mm x 50m)
  • 1" Core (30mm x 200m)
  • 1" Core (55mm x 200m)
  • 1" Core (105mm x 200m)
  • 1" Core (40mm x 200m)

Transfer Foils for 1/2" and 1" core ribbon printing machines. Suits printing on polyester or satin ribbon. 

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Ribbon Print transfer foils are manufactured specifically to ensure excellent print results on ribbon.

  • Reduced Wastage - 1 inch foils come in 3 widths (30mm, 55mm and 105mm), by matching your ribbon width with a similar foil you reduce wastage compared to using a full width foil;
  • Best results in HD  Ribbon Print's Express and Pro Printers print at 300dpi (Most Ribbon Printers are 200dpi).  The higher DPI delivers distinct advantages:

Fine Printing HD printers easily handle delicate fonts and narrow ribbon

Solid Print Printing in HD covers more of the ribbon giving better colours

Amazing Results - Combining Ribbon Print foils with a 300 dpi printer and Elan RIbbon delivers an exceptional print result.

  • Free Take-up Core All Ribbon Print foils are shipped with a spare take-up core;